Turn your favorite full color photos or artwork into wearable art on t-shirts and sweatshirts, or what we’d like to call “art”parel.  We will simply take your image (if ready for printing or adapt it if necessary) and print it directly on the fabric.

The great thing about this process is there are no screen charges and you are not limited in your design like in silk screening. And the best part is we can do as few as one t-shirt or sweatshirt. You don’t have to wait until you get enough people interested before you can order them. The turnaround is quick too.

Our family has been affected by cancer as many families have.  We participate in walks and relays that raise money for cancer awareness. Often times, walk participants want people to know who they are walking for.  What a great way to honor a loved one than with their photo printed directly on the t-shirt with their name and anything else you want to say about them.

We’ll show the love for our dad who is no longer with us by wearing his photo and letting others know that cancer or any other disease doesn’t just affect the person but the family and caregivers as well.

The possibilities for “art”parel are limitless.