About Us

A little bit about us. We are a woman owned business. You’ve heard it say that it takes a village, well in our case it takes a family – sisters and niece all hoping to make this a success and doing whatever function is needed to see it happen. We have advertising and marketing in our background which includes design and promotional items. It was at a promotional products show that we first saw the demonstration of this equipment. We were amazed at the time and still are today!

How many times have you looked in your closet or drawers and wished you had something to wear that showed off your personality or style? With the ability to put your favorite photo on a t-shirt, you can show off your caring side, sassy side or any side you feel like.

We have always been a supporter and cheerleader for our niece as she was growing up. She was into sports and we would make as many games as we could, whether it was a softball game, all-star game or high school volleyball or softball tournament. As a booster/cheerleader, we always wanted to show our team or “aunt” pride and would wear the team color, etc. But how fun would it have been to wear a shirt with her picture on it with a fun caption like “She belongs to us” or “She’s our All-Star.”   Our niece is grown now and a mother of two young daughters. We are looking forward to the day when we can attend our grand nieces activities and wear apparel that shows them off.