Favorite Sayings

There are times when we want to just say what we feel — well here it is. Put it on a t-shirt or garment for all to see — making your wearable into “art”parel. With each garment being custom to your individual taste, you can show off your sassy side, caring side or any side you fell.

Here are some of our favorite sayings:

Walking for a Cause
Coffee gets me started, wine keeps me going!
It’s Wine O’clock somewhere
The older the boy, the bigger the toy
I’m not Old, I’m vintage
Believe in the Magic
Cheers, beers and Mouse Ears
Conquering the World one drink at a time
Wishing I was here
Relaxation at its best
Sail Away
Proud to have served
Just a kid at heart
You’ve come a long way baby
Sports are not for the faint hearted
Music soothes the soul
Today is a good day — I woke up
Out of my way – I stop for all sales!
My kid is cuter than yours
Success is earned, not given
Just chillin’
Retirement – This is Living!
Bad day of Golf is better than a good day at work
Babies are precious when sleeping
Always on my mind, Forever in my heart
Running Late is My Cardio