You are going to love our t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.  They are soft,  luxurious 100% cotton.  Other shirt brands are available — however, we highly recommend the ones we have selected to be our base product. Multiple colors available for the same price with no minimums or set-up charges.  The ink is water-based, environmentally friendly.


  1. The direct to garment printer allows us to print four-color images directly on the garment, including gradients. That is something that can’t be done with silk screening. A multiple color design would be several set-ups and inks if silk-screened.
  2. We can offer no minimum quantity purchased. If you want only one, then you will get only one. Of course, if your need is for larger quantities, we will offer some volume price breaks.
  3. If you have one design and you need multiple sizes, we will be able to size the image for each shirt size. With silk screening, (unless you pay for additional screen charges), the image size is adjusted to fit the smallest size shirt. That means if your order ranges from small to 2XL, the image size on the 2XL will be the size adjusted for the small.
  4. The printer supplies are water-based inks, so this process is environment friendly.
  5. Assuming the artwork doesn’t have to be designed and needs just a little tweaking, we will be able to turn around the garments in 1-2 days, often overnight, plus shipping.